PD716 – ASME BPV Code, Section I: Rules for Construction of Power Boilers


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PD716 – ASME BPV Code, Section I:  Rules for Construction of Power Boilers

  • Copenhagen: 24-26 June 2019
  • Length: 3 days
  • CEUs: 2.30
  • PDHs: 23.00


The objective of this course is to enhance the learner’s knowledge and understanding of the requirements for design and construction of power boilers in accordance with ASME BPV Code, Section I.

This course provides the participant with a detailed knowledge of the responsibilities of personnel involved in the manufacturing, design, fabrication and examination of new power boiler plant components and new construction activity as defined by Section I.

Participants will receive the most recent edition of ASME BPV Code, Section I: Rules for Construction of Power Boilers.

You Will Learn To

  • Describe the purpose of the Sections of the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code
  • Explain the rules and requirements in Section I for the design and construction of power boilers, as well as the basic rules for the fabrication of power boilers
  • Describe the use of Section II Materials and their allowable stresses
  • Illustrate the process for quality control and certification in Section I
  • Identify the additional requirements that should be specified to meet the PED when designing and manufacturing boiler pressure parts to ASME I
  • Describe the proposed modernization of ASME BPV Code, Section I for a plant operating at elevated temperature and cyclic loading


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Who Should Attend

This course is designed for engineers, managers and quality personnel who are involved in manufacturing, fabrication and examination of components or parts for power boilers or the construction of a power boiler built to meet the requirements of U.S. Codes & Standards. It is also valuable for those directly or indirectly involved in the design, analysis, construction, maintenance or operation of power boilers.


Tobias Ludwig, Dipl.-Ing (FH) & IWE, provides training, technical support/code consulting on ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Sections I, IV, VIII & IX for the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company.  Additionally, he has taught courses that cover Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), ASME Sections I, VIII, and IX, and ASME B31.1 for many years.

Mr. Ludwig’s work experience has been in the area of steel structure and pressure equipment in his role as QA/QC Engineer, Welding Engineer and Inspector, designed to various construction codes and standards, including ASME Sections I, IV, B31.1, and VIII.

Tobias Ludwig is the assigned HSB Manager Code Services EMEA, being responsible for ASME activities and personnel.  He currently holds a National Board Commission with “AI” & “IS” as well endorsement “B”, “C”, “N”, “NS” & “R”.  Mr. Ludwig is a member of the German IWG on Power Boilers for BPV I.

  • Course Type: Public Course
  • Course Number: PD716
  • Language: English